CCICAP Quick Start

CCICAP is easy to use from this web site. There are examples of differing complexity that you can review.

The quickest way to use CCICAP is to submit a CCICAP input file using the contact page. Here is a step by step guide:

1. Go to the contact page.
2. Fill in your name, e-mail address, and a subject.
3. Select CCICAP from the Category drop down menu.
4. Cut and paste the following lines into the Message box:

.title 1KHz RC High Pass Filter
.ac 20 10 100. 10.kHz
.plot ac png eout
.plot ac png eout >
.tr 50 0.0 0.5msec
.plot tr pdf eout
v ein 1 0 1.
c cin 1 2 0.1ufd
r rl 2 0 { 2 PI X cin X 1.k X 1 XY / }
vm eout 2 0

5. Complete the CAPTCHA question.
6. Submit the analysis.

You will receive e-mail (from indicating that your analysis is running, followed shortly by a CCICAP results e-mail with a link to a display of your results on the CCI website. The results e-mail will show your input file (the listing above) and the STDIO messages generated during the run and will have your results attached.

The link to your results on the CCI website will be available for at least 24 hours. The URL is generated randomly from a universe of several billion possibilities. It is unlikely that anyone else will be able to find your results.

An example of results displayed on this web site is here.

Open the received e-mail. The attached .zip file will have the following contents:

  • ccicap.out.txt - the text output file of your results
  • - binary data file
  • - binary data file
  • - text data file used to produce plot0000
  • - .png graphic of the amplitude response
  • - text data file used to produce plot0001
  • - .png graphic of the phase response
  • - text data file used to produce plot0002
  • - .pdf graphic of the transient response
  • titl0000.txt - text file of the run title

The binary data files are probably not useful. They contain raw data from the analysis. The contents are described in the CCICAP User's Guide.

That's it!