FE-5680A Time Interval Measurements

FE-5680A Time Interval Measurements

Reference is the 1PPS signal from a Ref Tek 111A GPS clock. Recorded data is a 15 cycle average of the time interval from the leading edge of the Reference to the leading edge of a 1PPS signal derived from the FE-5680A.

The Ref Tek 111A GPS clock has substantial (+/- 3 usec) jitter.

TI changed from 90.6 usec to 93.5 usec in about 4 hours : implies FE-5680A is ~2E-10 slow.

Changed applied offset from -192 counts to -176 counts at 2011-12-21 17:42.

TI changed from 93.5 usec to 96.9 usec in about 66 hours : implies FE-5680A is ~ 1.4E-11 slow.