TS Post to the Volt Nut list

Fellow voltage aficionados ,

If this has already been discussed - my apologies. I could not find this topic in the past several months of list archives.

Like many of us, I have an ever growing collection of voltmeters and related instruments. Like the man with two clocks who is never sure of the time, I now have enough volt meters to have doubts about all of them.

So - I was wondering if those on this list with really good voltage measurement capabilities would be willing to help those of us without.

What I have in mind is creating a small voltage reference circuit based on one of the many available IC references that is stable enough in both time and temperature to use as a transfer standard. I am thinking that the actual voltage is not important, just the stability. Using the ICs that I am familiar with the actual reference voltage would be around 5, 7, or 10 volts. Said reference would be mailed to a willing list member who would record his reading of the reference and mail it back.

I don't have such a reference yet, but have breadboarded a couple and the idea seems like it might work.

My first objective would be to obtain a reference that I could use to get all my meters to agree. Since the best meters I have are an HP3455A (best accuracy about 20 - 40 ppm, and only for 24 hours) and an ancient (but very usable) Fluke 883AB (best accuracy is 100ppm), I would be very happy to have a reference that I could trust to 10ppm.

So - two questions for the list:

1. Does this sound feasible? Am I overlooking anything that would keep me from being able to transfer a 10ppm known reference?

2. Any list members that would be willing to help with this? I envision mailing a small package with the reference in it along with an enclosed, postage paid, return box. I am asking for a member that would take the reference, apply power, let it warm up, record the room temperature and the reference voltage to within 10ppm, and return it to me. If you prefer to respond off-list - smither@c-c-i.com.

BTW - I live in Friendswood, Texas (near Houston). Any fellow nutters close enough that I could hand deliver the reference?

Best regards,

Bob Smither