CCICAP (free version)

You can try CCICAP, the Circuit Concepts linear circuit analyis program, for free by using our Contact page. Simply prepare a CCICAP input file that describes your circuit and the analyses that you wish to perform. See the CCICAP Manual (HTML) (PDF version is attached below) for details about the input file syntax.

Make sure the input file is a simple text file with an extension of ".inp". To use your prepared file, on the Contact page select the CCICAP category and use the browse link to upload and send your circuit.

Alternatively you can simply paste your circuit description into the Message text box on the Contact page. Be sure each line of data starts in column one.

You are welcome to simply copy and paste one of the examples listed on the Examples page.

An acknowledgment e-mail will be sent to you, followed by an e-mail with your CCICAP results.

CCICAP produces various results, depending on how it is used and what analyses are requested. The results e-mail will have your circuit description and the text that CCICAP prints to standard output in the body of the e-mail. All other results, including the text output file, data files, plot files, and others will be included in a zip archive attached to your results e-mail. The text output file, with details of your run, will be named "CON" (for Console).


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