Traveling Standards - Protocol

Carefully unpack the Traveling Standard (TS).

Shipping package contents include:

1. The Traveling Standard (in a 2" x 7" PVC pipe)
2. Wall wart power supply (24 Vdc @ .25 A)
3. Bubble bags for the TS and the PS.
4. Pre-addressed postage-paid return shipping envelope.

Locate and save the return pre-addressed postage paid shipping envelope and the two bubble bags for later use.

Avoid RF fields (cell phones, wifi, walkie talkies, ...)
To the extent possible maintain measurement environment at constant temperature.
Make sure all measurement instruments are warmed up.
Measurement instruments input impedance should be at least 10 Megohms.
Note make and model of all measurement instruments.
Note any recent calibrations of all measurement instruments.
Plug in the TS and note the time it is powered up.
Let the TS warm up for at least one hour.

To avoid ground loops, make only one measurement at a time with the other two banana jack pairs open circuited.

For each measurement record the following:

Date and time
Room temperature
Measurement instrument used (make and model number)
MAX6350 (5 Volt) reading (blue (+) / black (-) banana jack pair) to highest resolution.
LM119AH (7 Volt) reading (red (+) / black (-) banana jack pair) to highest resolution.

LM35 reading (white(+) / black(-) banana jack pair) to at least three places (0.1 degree C). This reading is not needed or necessary - record only if of interest. An estimate of the room temperature using another thermometer is helpful.

Repeat measurements as you have time to.

If you have time or the desire to, record average readings noting the number of samples averaged and any other useful information.

You can take a series of 7 Volt readings and then a series of 5 Volt readings or take them alternately - your choice, just record the approximate time of all readings.

Leave TS powered up continuously until measurements are completed.

Make the last measurement at least 24 hours after the TS was powered up.

Carefully place the TS and power supply in their respective bubble bags and repack in the return package and mail it.


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