CCICAP Professional

CCICAP Professional is an enhanced version of CCICAP that offers the ability to analyze larger circuits with more inputs and outputs. The analysis limits of CCICAP and CCICAP-Pro are listed below.

Access to CCICAP Professional can be purchased here. Access is available for the indicated time period after we prepare and send a confirmation e-mail to your e-mail address. Access is through e-mail and works the same way as access to the free version of CCICAP. We encourage you to use the free version to try out CCICAP on smaller circuits.

Once access is authorized simply go to the Contact page and select the CCICAP-Pro category from the drop down list.

Please enter the e-mail address that you want authorized to use CCICAP-Pro. There is a link to enter the Authorized E-Mail Address on the PayPal payment page.

Circuit Concepts will only use your e-mail address to enable your access to CCICAP-Pro.

Thank you for using CCICAP!

CCICAP-Pro Access

CCICAP (free version) Program Limits

  • Circuit Equations - 20
  • Circuit Elements - 30
  • Distinct Models - 2
  • Plot points / output - 100
  • Inputs - 2
  • Outputs - 5

CCICAP-Pro Program Limits

  • Circuit Equations - 300
  • Circuit Elements - 500
  • Distinct Models - 20
  • Plot points / output - 1000
  • Inputs - 20
  • Outputs - 40

For more information about program limits, see the CCICAP Manual